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Acne - Author:

| Published in Smoothies

Acne can be a terrible experience for most people, regardless of the age. The misconception from people who have not had severe acne is that it is only a visible issue. The truth is, severe acne can be very painful and cause pain in the face, or the affected area, and severe discomfort throughout the …

Arthritis - Author:

| Published in Smoothies

There is a misconception that arthritis is something only elderly people have. The truth is, anyone of any age can have arthritis and arthritis like symptoms. These symptoms can be painful and can be reflective of joint inflammation and stiffness that make it difficult to move around and to do normal tasks of daily living. …

Cold and Flu - Author:

| Published in Smoothies

When you have a typical cold or flu, you may tend to do the typical tasks that most people go through. You may up your fluids and try to start taking cold and flu medications that are for day and night use. This can help, and in some cases when it does not, you can …

Diabetes - Author:

| Published in Smoothies

When you have diabetes, keeping a healthy balance of fruit and vegetables in your diet is vital to your health. Depending on the type of diabetes and severity, you may find yourself having to check your insulin several times a day, or you may be in a position where you can lose weight and change …

Energy - Author:

| Published in Smoothies

When you begin changing your lifestyle and eating habits, you may find that you have a loss of energy. This can be due to several reasons including a slow digestive system, change of foods, or just a change in the amount of energy you are using and not replenishing. You can try coffee or other …

Fertility - Author:

| Published in Smoothies

Fertility is an issue that many people across the world have. In later stages of fertility treatments, you may find that you are dealing with costly treatments and surgeries. Before you get to that point, you want to exhaust all other options. One of those options is to go with natural remedies. A natural option …

Gut Health - Author:

| Published in Smoothies

Your gut health is one of the health issues that you can have with your body that can make or break how you feel. If your gut health is positive then you will have good digestion and you will reduce your chances of fatigue and other body issues. If you have poor gut health you …

High Blood Pressure - Author:

| Published in Smoothies

High blood pressure can be caused by many conditions and issues. You may have a lot of stress or anxiety in your daily life that is causing your blood pressure to rise. You may also have other health issues that contribute to high blood pressure as well. Though you may have to take high blood …

Indigestion - Author:

| Published in Smoothies

Indigestion can range from minor heartburn type issues to painful burning and pain in the chest. There are various levels of medications you can try to reduce indigestion and issues, but some can only be taken in small amounts or for a short period of time. They also do not focus on the real issue, …

Thyroid Health - Author:

| Published in Smoothies

If you have issues with your thyroid health, you may be experiencing weight gain or fatigue. These are two signs of thyroid health issues that should receive immediate attention. You may find yourself at the doctor and, especially during the early stages, find yourself with more questions than answers. In some cases, they doctor may …