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4 Types of Egg Nog Drinks - Author:

November 1, 2017 | Published in Christmas

During the holidays, one of the most commonly celebrated traditions is to curl up by the fire or television with your favorite people and movies. If you were to ask what kind of drink they might be enjoying, there’s a likely chance that many of them really love egg nog during this time of year. …

Potatoes in Irish History - Author:

February 8, 2017 | Published in St Patricks Day

Even if you’re not very familiar with Irish history, you’ve probably heard something about the importance of potatoes in the lives of the Irish. Calling potatoes important is no understatement, and understanding the history helps us get a complete picture of their culinary and cultural importance even today.   The potato was introduced to Ireland …

Irish Food Traditions and Where They Come From - Author:

November 2, 2016 | Published in St Patricks Day

If you’ve ever had traditional Irish food, you’ll know that it’s made from inexpensive, simple ingredients and there is a “no waste” approach to food. This comes from a long tradition and history of poverty amongst a large portion of the population. Of course, Ireland has come a long way and times have changed, but …