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Foods with Calcium That Don’t Have Dairy - Author:

| Published in Vegan

As you start on your journey to becoming a vegan and following this healthy lifestyle, you will need to really focus on your nutrition. Without meat or dairy, you are going to be behind in some of the nutrients you are used to, but don’t worry – they are easy to replace! Without dairy, the …

How to Go Raw Vegan - Author:

| Published in Vegan

Going vegan is a great way to help the environment and improve your own health at the same time, but there are actually different ways to do a vegan diet. You can just cut out all animal products, eggs, and dairy, or you can choose a stricter option, like raw vegan. When you go raw …

Convenient Protein Rich Vegan Snacks - Author:

| Published in Vegan

Not only is following a vegan diet healthy, but it can also give you a lot of opportunities to each and cook healthy meals and snacks. However, if you are no longer grabbing a cookie or other snack that is not vegan-friendly, then you may need some other alternatives. The following plant-based snacks are not …